About Wilmod

Wilmod Heating & Systems ; The Right Element

Your company will be most profitable when the whole production process is smoothly organized. We can supply you with the right Elstein infrared technology products.

Wilmod Heating & Systems is the official dealer of Elstein ceramic infrared heaters for the Benelux area.
We are a company with years of experience regarding everything that concerns the field of infrared- and contact heating.
With an enthusiastic team we provide you not only with standard products but mainly specialized custom-made products.
Fast and friendly service, that is our main goal, so that you can continue working with a good feeling.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Our team exists of:
• Victor Monster, managing director
• Linette Ruitenberg, inside sales & technical sales support
• Ellen Kraal, inside sales & logistics
• Katja van ’t Nedereind, administration & sales support
• Willem Westhoek, inside and outside sales & technical sales support
• Gerrit Rensink, outside sales, technical sales support & engineering